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Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars gained a lot of popularity with movies and has a lot of fans. Among them, I start writing a review of Star Wars Battlefront II, which attracts the attention of Star Wars fans. When Star WarsBattlefront I was released in November 2015, it was highly anticipated by many gamers since its open beta, and it has sold 12 million worldwide platforms since its launch. However, compared to the title Star Wars, there was a lack of a single campaign to enjoy the story, and the players were disappointed due to various reasons such as the simplicity of multiplayer and lack of content.

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Differences from Star Wars Battlefront I

Star Wars Battlefront II has a single-play campaign unlike the previous one. The Star Wars Battlefront II campaign covers 30 years between Star Wars Episodes 6 and 7, and can also play characters such as "Luke Skywalker" and "Kylo Ren." Particularly noteworthy is that in Star Wars, the story of the rebels confronting the Imperial Army, but in Star Wars Battlefront II, a female warrior named Eiden Basio from the Imperial Army's elite unit "Inferno Squadron" appears. This unique approach has captured the interest of gamers and has received positive reviews from many gamers for its outstanding story, allowing us to see a more complete story as a scenario writer for the single campaign scenario.

Star Wars Battlefront I was criticized by many gamers for not having a single play, while Star Wars Battlefront II tried to resolve the disappointment of its previous work by covering the original content 바카라사이트.

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Multiplay with upgraded systems

Have you played Star Wars Battlefront I? Then didn't you feel something? I felt the simplicity of multiplayer. A total of 40 people could play at the same time, but many people felt that there was no difference from the existing FPS games due to the indistinguishable classes and simple game methods. It doesn't feel like it's "DICE"'s work that embodies the multi-play of high-quality battle fields. To compensate for the monotony and synergy effects of the previous Star Wars Battlefront I, the new class system was introduced at Star Wars Battlefront II, which was very interesting to play separately from the team. By dividing the roles, we were able to eliminate the disappointment in the previous work by playing the tasks we each had.

In the case of Star Wars Battlefront II, a game developer called "Criterion Games" took charge of the space background part separately, adding to the customization of all transportation in multiplayer to personal tastes. Star Wars Battlefront II was very satisfied because it seemed to make up for the problems of the previous work as much as possible. As I like Star Wars, I hope I can be loved by fans continuously.


It was interesting to play Star Wars Battlefront II by choosing various characters. And the sword of Star Wars was enough to fascinate me. However, the operation method in multiplayer was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, the game graphics and sound made me feel magnificent. If there are other advantages or disadvantages of continuing to play Star Wars Battlefront II, I will write a second review of Star Wars Battlefront II. We haven't done various modes yet, so there will be a lack of explanation about the modes. If you are curious about the mode of Star Wars Battlefront II, please refer to YouTube.



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